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Need a track rematch

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Need a track rematch

Postby ponypowered91 » December 29th, 2014, 10:52 am

I didn't know which one to put this in as we were dead even, so I thought I would be modest.

Headed out on m birthday I had a buddy end up with his car in a ditch, so I had 5 people in my car headed out to help, and another friend in a newer (can't remember year, it's a hawkeye) WRX STI was headed home to drop his car off for the night. So we had a little bakery fun.

The couple times we hit it were about 30mph to 110-120. He would pull 3/4-1 car off the jump and then Id reel him in on the top end. We were dead even from about 110-120 when we both let off each time. Was nice to compare with another decent car. Would be even nicer to get a comparison at the track, where I'm not 5 deep and I have a hope of getting traction against that AWD.

Another buddy was playing around in an A4 earlier that day, would have made a fine meal for the SRT, but that was WHILE it was snowing.... And we all know my track record with RWD cars and snow.....
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