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2017 Fastest List

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2017 Fastest List

Postby CraigB » March 6th, 2017, 10:49 pm

Attention: Members will need 100 posts to get on the Official list, and 100 per year to stay on the list OR attend 3 Club Events during the year. If you do not reach the required post count, you can request to be added to the Upcoming Member List.
One person per vehicle. You must also own the vehicle, no driving someone else's car.

Submit your times here: 2017 Fastest List Submissions

If we get some newbies posting outrageous time we will ask to see time slips/proof. Also we have locked this forum so people will PM either of us with problems, not flood the topic with “maybes, buts, and what-ifs” This is meant to be a quick reference list of members fastest times. – The Moderators

Official Club Member List:
100mph+ Street Cars only! - Vehicle has to be street legal, i.e. tagged, insured, etc.

1. 8secpumpgasdaddy • 2015 Silverado CC 4X4 • 10.9329 @ 126.58 • Twin Turbo
2. squeak • 1998 Mustang GT • 11.45 @ 119.6 • Supercharged
3. Nexus • 2013 Mustang GT • 13.47 @ 108.41 • N/A

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3. -

Upcoming Member List:

Race Car Club Member List:

Motorcycle List:
2014 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X • 1987 Merkur XR4Ti
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Re: 2017 Fastest List

Postby gcomfx » August 8th, 2017, 2:48 pm

Updated the link to the submission page.
Paul (gcomfx) - 100mphclub.com originator
94 Mustang GT AODE, 331 - Trickflow Track heat H/C/I, Stage 2 cam, 3200 Street Edge Converter, 3.55s, 90mm LMAF, 42lbers, 75mm TB, MagnaFlow mufflers, O/R h-pipe, SCT chip, Eibach drag springs, 255lph fuel pump
12.31 @ 110
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